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Optimal packaging - packaging that offers the least amount of cost and impact to the bottom line is a critical factor in logistics. Why? Without using optimal packaging for your shipping needs the logistics can only function at a higher cost. Analysis shows that optimal packaging is not just to protect the contents of the package but to provide many other advantages as well by improving and enabling other logistic functions - including weight, handling, transport processing, time management and warehousing.

Logistical Advantages of the Inflatabox®

Reduced weight, increased protection, simplicity of use, improved handling, speed of packaging, easily automatable, reduced fuel and transport cost

Without Packaging there is no Logistics

The different logistical functions of packaging is weight, protection, use, storage, transport, information and handling which all interrelate to logistics. As a result, the packaging is the most integral part of the entire logistics system. In packaging development the optimal package addresses and takes advantage of all functional areas of an optimized logistical system. The optimal design of packaging can significantly reduce overall logistics costs and enhance the level of supply and delivery services and systems

Facilities - Automation - Software - Air and Helium Gas Systems Design and Development

Here at Inflatabox® we will consult and aide your every step in the design and implementation of the Inflatabox® technology into your facility. The inventor of Inflatabox has over 30 U.S. and Foreign Patents and Patents Pending in the fields of packaging, safety, chemistry, forensic toxicology, environment, biology, electronics and computer-electronic boards and storage memory systems to name a few. We pride our selves in being "The Leader in New Technology Development".

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