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Technological Benefits of the Inflatabox®

  • Ease of Use
  • Weight
  • Protection - Insurance Cost
  • Cost
  • Time

The Inflatabox® is a marked advancement in the fields of packaging, shipping, and logistics. This product will revolutionize every aspect of the shipping industry. The company that sees the future and seizes this chance to reduce their shipping margins for labor, time, cost, insurance and weight while having a positive environmental effect is going to dominate their sector. Whether they are online providers, manufacturers or developers.

Ease of Use:

The ease and speed of packaging is completely modified and advanced. Large scale retail and box shippers using assembly line packaging will be able to increase their speed and efficiency by a minimum factor of 3 boxes to 1 box completed per shipment. If robotics are used this could go 10 to 1 box per person - in favor of the robot. A robot scans the item to be shipped - drops it in the box - box is closed and filled with air. The time this will take for the robot to complete is mere seconds.


One Shipping container filled with styrofoam peanuts weighs 328 pounds (lbs). One truck towing a container of peanuts every day for a year is 42 tons. A thousand trucks is 42,000 tons of Styrofoam peanuts. With the inflatabox that's zero pounds of shipping weight per container. The reduced cost and environmental impact is mind boggling. We have researched the use of Helium gas in place of air. Helium - an inert gas displaces the weight of the package - significantly reducing the weight of the package. Either way - Air or Helium are much lighter than any packaging material currently in use.

Study of Inflatabox weight (wt) using Helium (He) versus Air:

  • Box Size: 10x10x10" - Box wt: 252g - Box wt with He: 245g - Box wt with Peanuts: 330g - Delta Value between Box with Helium vs Peanuts: 85g
  • Box Size: 7x7x7" - Box wt: 136g - Box wt with He: 133g - Box wt with Peanuts: 158g - Delta Value between Box with Helium vs Peanuts: 25g
  • Box Size: 20x15x9" - Box wt: 567g - Box wt with He: 532g - Box wt with Peanuts: 727g - Delta Value between Box with Helium vs Peanuts: 195g

NOTE: The delta value represents the differences in weight between the box filled with Helium vs the box filled with peanuts. The data indicates that when Helium is used versus air and or peanuts the weight of the box is displaced. As verified by scientific proof helium is lighter than air. Helium is the second most abundant element in the universe, is completely inert and it does not form compounds or react with any other element.

Protection - Insurance Cost:

Have you ever ordered anything on-line? If so - every time (as though it were a physical constant) you will find your package on the bottom of a box. When the package is inevitably dropped, the item in the box will take the brunt of the impact. With the inflatabox - the item shipped is surrounded by pillows of air which are part of an integrated inflatable bladder system that will not only keep the item suspended from the bottom of the box - but from any side of the box acting as custom shock absorbers for every shipment made. Protection Insurance cost for items being shipped is going to plummet - returns for items damaged in shipping is going to disappear. Customer service will have more time for product support. This is "Win - WIN" for everyone involved with the inflatabox technology.


Think of it - you're shipping air - literally - or better yet you're using Helium which is lighter than air. Cost is directly related to weight. The lighter the weight the less cost. Cost, as defined for shipping, includes but is not limited to the following: box, packaging, weight, content, fuel, tax, vehicle, insurance, customer support, vehicle maintenance, labor, tires, time, wear and tear on brakes, safety, etc. Virtually every aspect of shipping cost is related to weight.


The time it takes to package and inflate a box is cut down to literally seconds. Time is money.

Do not waste time doing the following when you could be using the Patented and U.S. and Foreign patents pending Inflatabox®

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